Zapped Again! (1990)

Remember when Scott Baio got telekinetic powers and instead of joining the X-Men and saving the world, he decided to just look at Heather Thomas’ breasts while goofy around with Willie Aames? Well, those guys grew up to be a Trump supporter and Bibleman. Heather Thomas? She retired because she had so many stalkers before becoming a political activist, serving on several advisory boards and supporting mostly Democratic candidates.

But I digress. We’re here today to discuss Zapped Again!

This movie doesn’t avoid the original at all, continually referencing it as Kevin Matthews tries to fit in at Ralph Waldo Emerson High School. He’s rejected by the cool kids in the Key Club, so he joins the Science Club. In their clubhouse, he finds vials of the liquid that gave Barney Springboro (Baio from the original, not even coming back for even the briefest of a cameo) his powers.

Kevin then uses his powers to cause chaos for everyone, including lifting his teacher Miss Mitchell’s (Linda Blair, literally the only reason I watched this movie) skirt. She tells him after class that she knew he did it and remembered when Barney did the same to the entire school.

Our protagonist only has eyes for Amanda, the rich mean girl, while the real right woman for him is fellow Science Club geek Lucy. Lyle Azado shows up in a quick role as the school’s coach who falls in love with Miss Burnhart (returning from the original film, played again by Sue Ane Langdon).

Also, when Blair’s character can’t make it to class, Karen Black fills in. No complaints there, even if it makes no sense.

Back in 1990, made for cable comedies could be made about teenagers using their mental powers to see women naked. Today, I doubt such a thing could occur. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing — to be honest, I suffered through this boring film buoyed only by the hope that Blair and Black would return — is up to you, dear reader.


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