The Dollmaker (2017)

Director Al Lougher sent this our way, calling it “a Pet Sematary inspired Faustian tale that cautions against the treachery of desperation and wish fulfillment.”

This was written by Matias Caruso who wrote the movie Mayhem and is playing on  Alter’s new horror platform, which is the companion to their science fiction offering, Dust.

It’s a quick, less than ten-minute tale of the lengths a woman will go to see her child one more time and what happens when people ignore the rules of magic. It gets to the point pretty quickly and you can see just how much more could be added to this film and expanded, but it gets the narrative beats of the story done way faster than most movies do when given as much time as they need.

Thanks to Al, we’re sharing the link right here so you can watch it yourself.

One thought on “The Dollmaker (2017)

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