Just Say Goodbye (2019)

Jesse Peterson is tired of the abuse. He’s sick of his alcoholic father beating on him and his mom. He’s tired of the bullies. And he’s decided to kill himself on his birthday, telling only his friend Sarah, who he makes a promise not to tell anyone. However, as she prepares to leave on a vacation, she decides that she has to stop him.

Jesse is in a small town with no hope. His sexual identity — imagined or not — offends the small-minded bullies. His father is a lifelong drunk and jobless loser whose wife killed herself when Jesse was six. And when his only friend, Sarah, plans on leaving for college, he feels that this is the one loss he can’t recover from.

Katerina Eichenberger, who plays Sarah, is great in this film, as is Max MacKenzie, who is Jesse. For a $13,000 budget, this movie looks, feels and plays well ahead of its limitations. It emerges as a movie with something big to say.

Just Say Goodbye will debut May 10 — as May is National Mental Health Awareness Month — in select theaters. Want to learn more? Check out the official site.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team, but that has no impact on our review.

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