Make your own Avengers!

I was inspired by It’s Trash Culture on Twitter to come up with this post, which is similar to the Monster Squad one that we did last year.

My thought was here’s who the Avengers team should be made from:

  1. The Fearless Leader (Captain America)
  2. The Strong Female (Black Widow)
  3. The Armored Hero (Iron Man)
  4. The Mythological God (Thor)

Here’s my list:

  1. The Fearless Leader – Yor Hunter from the Future, which is ironic, as Reb Brown also played Captain America in the 1970’s made-for-TV Avengers films.
  2. The Strong Female -Saint Exmin, Sybil Danning’s Valkyrie character from Battle Beyond the Stars.
  3. The Armored Hero – The Mandroid from The Eliminators, who can be a human or a tank.
  4. The Mythological God – Mace from Fulci’s Conquest, a bad ass with the mark of Eibon on his forehead, nunchucks made of stone and the ability to be saved by dolphins.

Their Nick Fury?


Derek Flint.

Who are your Avengers?



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