The Monster Squad Challenge!

I placed a challenge to my social media friends: Who would be in your perfect Monster Squad?

The rules: You get one of each of the following: a vampire, a Frankenstein’s Monster, a wolfman, a mummy and the creature of your choice (I know there’s an amphibian in the original). You can pick any one of these archetypes from any horror movie and then explain why you chose them.

Here are the answers!

Becca, the B in B&S About Movies

Dracula: Bill Paxton from Near Dark.

Werewolf: Reverend Lester Lowe from Silver Bullet.

Frankenstein’s Monster: The one in Monster Squad! BOGUS!

Mummy: The one from the Brendan Fraser one, Imhotep.

Creature: Since you said I can pick anyone, a Killer Klown. Because that’s also an alien.

Bill from Groovy Doom and DRIVE-IN ASYLUM

FICommentBody”>Bill: My squad would be super scary. Mr. Barlow from Salem’s Lot, Eddie Quist from The Howling, the mummy from Dawn of the Mummy, Mosaic from Frankenstein ’80, not sure what my creature should be, so I’ll pick Slithis.

Sam: I had almost all of your pics figured out, but thought that Waldemar Daninsky would be your werewolf!

Bill: For sex purposes only. Eddie is way scarier, and he understands the importance of branding (smiley faces).

Sam: So what would your sex Monster Squad be? I know Mosiac is in!

Bill: Mosaic is at the top of the list, and Waldemar. Honestly, that’s all I’d need. If I have to, I’d pick William Smith from Grave of the Vampire, Arnold Vosloo for the mummy (I hate that movie but there are no hot mummies), and the creature from TerrorVision, because it has so many mouths.

Sam: This is all going in the column.

George Reis from DVD Drive-In who plans the Drive-In Super Monster Rama every year

Christopher Lee’s Dracula, Paul Naschy’s El Hombre Lobo, Glenn Strange’s Frankenstein Monster, Lon Chaney Jr’s Mummy, Ingrid Pitt’s Carmilla and Mike Tyson in The Creature Walks Among Us.

Kris Erickson

The Oliver Reed werewolf from Curse of the Werewolf. Marvel’s Dracula. He lived on the moon and fired living vampire missiles at people on Earth. The 20 foot tall Frankenstein from Frankenstein vs. Baragon. He was 20 fucking feet tall. And this film put him in Godzilla’s continuity. Christopher Lee from Hammer’s The Mummy. He’s the scariest Mummy of all time. And the Original Gill-man, or Creature, from Creature From the Black Lagoon. It doesn’t get any better.

Paul Andolina, Wrestling with Film

My perfect Monster Squad would consist of the Vitold, the vampire from the Russian movie Vurdalaki aka Ghouls. Ghouls is an adaptation of the novella that inspired Bava’s Black Sabbath. The title of the novella is The Family of the Vourdalak. I choose Vitold because he is a perfect example of the gothic vampire.

My Frankenstein’s Monster would the monster from the film Frankenstein’s Theory because it showed the Monster as curious yet highly dangerous.

My choice for a mummy may be unconventional but I would pick Anubis from The Pyramid. Although not a mummy, Anubis is frightening because even in death you must confront him again.

y creature would be the Merman from Cabin in the Woods because he is downright disgusting and dangerous.

Last but not least, my wolfman would be Stefan from Werewolves: The Beast Among Us, because the film is a villager vs. werewolf film and I enjoy the 19th century setting.

Ron Russitano

Vampire….Christopher Lee, werewolf…Lon Chaney, Jr., flesh golem…1910 silent Frankenstein, Creature……the gargoyle leader in the 1972 tv movie.

Roger Braden

Hope it’s not too late to throw mine in here. Vampire: The Night Flyer, he was awesome, too bad they ruined the surprise with the cover. Monster: Christopher Lee from Curse. Wolfman: The one from the movie WER, I thought he was incredible. Mummy: Arnold Vosloo’s version. Creature: Cicada boy from The Beast Within.

Sam, the guy who writes here 

Vampire: I’m going with Count Downe from Son of Dracula.

Frankenstein: Christopher Lee Hammer version.

The Mummy: The Aztec Mummy.

Wolfman: Sybil Danning from Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf.

Creature: Uncle Gilbert from The Munsters.

Thanks everyone for contributing! If you have a list of your own, post it in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “The Monster Squad Challenge!

  1. I’m thinking Mid Season sitcom filler for the poor Saturday Night rating’s of CBS’ Summer lineup of 1989.

    Starring Jim Carrey as Mark Kendall (Once Bitten/Vampire), Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard (Teen Wolf), Peter Boyle as Frankenstein’s Monster (Young Frankenstein), Ron Reis as The Yeti/Mummy (Halloween Havoc ’95) and Pizza the Hut (Spaceballs) as my creature pick.
    The show kicks off to huge ratings at first. Each episode features an individal monster dealing with daily struggles of being different. The show always ends with some sort of music montage and a freeze frame before the credits, which also feature a special thanks to Michael J. Fox….
    The show is cancelled after 4 episodes when a story breaks in suburban Cleveland of young kids van surfing. The episode where Frankenstein goes on his first date doesn’t help with PTC. Even worse they find a reason for The Yeti to hug someone in each scene he’s in. This with the utter disgustingness of Pizza the Hut on prime time television marked the end of The Monster Squad TV Series.


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  3. I know I’m 5 years too late for this challenge, but wanted to list one that would represent the under-represented pantheon of female monsters: also my dream team of female monsters – Elina Löwensohn in NADJA; Billie Piper in PENNY DREADFUL; Valerie Leon in BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY’S TOMB; Elisabeth Brooks in THE HOWLING; wildcard – Angela Featherstone: DARK ANGEL: THE ASCENT.


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