Australia. Not far from now. In Camp 47, social deviants are sent to be re-educated. But more likely, they’re about to end up as cannon fodder for a government-sponsored turkey shoot, as the rich and powerful will finally get the chance to hunt the ultimate game — man.

Also known as Escape 2000 and Blood Camp Thatcher, this film presents a world where those that help rebels or are sexually promiscuous are seen as the enemy. That’s where Camp Master Thatcher (Michael Craig, The Vault of Horror) and his enforcer, Ritter (Roger Ward, Mad Max) come in. Hardly anyone gets rehabilitated in their camp. Most are killed. And that’s the odds that Chris (Olivia Hussey, Black Christmas), Rita, Paul (Steve Railsback, Lifeforce), Griff and Dodge are up against. They’re offered their freedom if they can escape against hunters out to kill them.

Those hunters are Tito, who drives an armored backhoe and has a werewolf for backup. Yes, a werewolf, who wears a top hat. There’s also the Secretary of State Mallory, who has the hots for Chris and Jennifer, a sadistic, stylish and sapphic femme fatale with a crossbow.

Director Brian Trenchard Smith (Stunt Rock, Night of the Demons 2, Dead End Drive-In) knows exactly what kind of movie this is. It’s like candy for your brain, filled with nudity, gun battles and gore. This was remade in 2014, but that version has been treated like the werewolf in this film, who gets cut in half by that backhoe. Man, that scene makes me cry every single time. I love that goofy werewolf and that he’s in this film despite all common sense.

The bad guys are as bad as it gets. The good guys are up against the world. Heads explode. People get shot with crossbows. Little toes get cut off. This movie really has something for everyone.

Remember: disobedience is treason, treason is a crime, crime will be punished!

If you want to check it out for yourself, it’s on Shudder!

3 thoughts on “DEADLY GAME SHOWS: Turkey Shoot

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