Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

Six years after the events of Night of the Demons, all of the bodies at Hull House have been recovered except Angela. Urban legend suggests that she went body and soul directly to Hell. But the real truth? Upon getting a Halloween card with her signature last year, her parents committed suicide. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Night of the Demons 2, one of the many sequels that Becca loves more than the original.

Meet Melissa, who everyone calls Mouse. She’s Angela’s sister, who is now attending St. Rita’s Academy, a school for troubled teens. The school bully, Shirley, gives her a hard time while Sister Gloria, the head nun, tries to look out for her.

Shirley isn’t allowed to attend the school dance after the nuns catch her fooling around with Kurt, so she decides to have her own Halloween party at Hull House, complete with a demonic ritual and help from the school nerd, her boyfriend, a guy named Z-Boy, Johnny, Johnny’s girl Bibi and Terri (Christine Taylor, years before she was in The Brady Bunch Movie).

Of course, all Hell breaks loose. What you might not expect is that the demonic Angela rises and rapes Z-Boy in the attic in an inversion of horror movie tropes. And a tube of lipstick possesses Shirley, which leads to the girls being possessed and murdered by Angela, who wants to sacrifice her sister Mouse to the Devil.

The nerd, Perry, uses his demonology skills and the help of Father Bob and Sister Gloria to try to rescue the teens. Bibi, Johnny and Sister Gloria survive, killing all of the demons except Angela, who tries to cut the nun’s head off. A combination of a sword strike, a supersoaker filled with holy water and light coming through a cross shape finally kills Angela. But oh no! The evil lipstick survives!

Brian Trenchard Smith (Turkey ShootLeprechaun 4: In Space) puts together a quick moving fun piece of cinema junk food here. It’s not anything that will stay with you for long, but it’ll certainly keep you laughing and somewhat entertained while it’s in your DVD player or streaming on your media player.

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