This House Possessed (1981)

A rock star has a nervous breakdown and decides to recuperate in a remote house. Yet he finds himself asking, “Am I insane? Or is this house haunted?” Just by reading the title of this movie, I think you know the answer.

Gary Straihorn (Parker Stevenson, former husband to Kirsty Alley and one of TV’s Hardy Boys) has hired a nurse named Sheila (Lisa Eilbacher, Bad Ronald) to help him. The house they settle in seems way too familiar to her, but she can’t remember a lot of her life. Like the fact that she may be named Margaret. But everyone who either screws with her — like Gary’s girlfriend Tanya — or tries to help her, like a woman who gives her some newspaper clippings, all get killed by the house. Can a house fall in love with someone? After you see this, you’ll answer: YES.

There’s a great cast in this as well, including Slim Whitman (The Howling), Joan Bennett (Suspiria and TV’s Dark Shadows), character actor David Paymer, Amanda Wyss (the first person Freddy kills in A Nightmare on Elm Street) and even Philip Baker Hall (Magnolia) shows up in a blink and you’ll miss him role.

This movie was directed by William Wiard (his 1980 TV movie The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything was a big deal when it came out) and was written by TV writing and producing vet David Levinson. They’d also work together on another TV movie, Fantasies.

This has never been released on DVD. You’re at the mercy of the grey market and YouTube. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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