MANGIATI VIVI week starts tomorrow!

I’ve always been afraid of cannibal movies. They’re stomach turning bursts of the sheer bottom of the cinematic barrel, packed with guts, gore and often, real footage of atrocities. But I braved through seven of these films to face my fear and provide you with the written results.


Next week’s films are:

Cannibal Ferox: Drug dealers face off against cannibals and no one wins except those watching the carnage.

Cannibal Holocaust: What’s even more shocking than the depravity in this film? The fact that the story structure has stayed with me for weeks, as well as the haunting soundtrack.

Eaten Alive: Ivan Rassimov as a cult leader in a cannibal packed jungle? Yes, please.

Dr. Butcher, M.D.: I should have just stopped watching movies after this one, because I’m uncertain I can be shocked any further.

The Mountain of the Cannibal God: Ursula Andress? Stacey Keach? Sergio Martino directing? Let’s watch it right now!

Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals: Honestly, this week has numbed me to being upset at films. This genre-defying monster is beyond belief. And good taste.

Eating Raoul: Can the Blanks deal with their money woes and the swingers that are ruining their lives?

See you on Sunday. Try and not eat anything for at least an hour before reading, kind of like swimming.

All of these films — and more — are part of our three part “Video Nasties” blow out. Be sure to visit our “Section 1,” Section 2,” and “Section 3” featurettes for a complete rundown of all the films

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