CHRISTMAS CINEMA: While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Becca said, “Don’t you have one more Christmas movie to do?”

I said, “We should watch The Car. Or how about Lizard in a Woman’s Skin?”

She then told me she had a surprise for me.

This was the surprise.

Yes, Sandra Bullock is lonely and working for the CTA when she sees Peter Gallagher every single day, good old caterpillar eyebrows. Then he gets beat up and tossed off the platform and she saves his life, leading to some comic misunderstanding that she is his fiancée.

Peter’s family falls in love with her instantly. There’s grandmother Elsie (Glynis Johns, who neatly cut Terry-Thomas up and labeled him in Amicus’ portmanteau Vault of Horror!) Jack Warden shows up as family friend Saul, who learns her secret. Peter Boyle (Young Frankenstein) plays the dad. And of course, Bill Pullman (Independence Day) plays the brother that she falls in love with.

Director Jon Turteltaub also was in the chair for National Treasure series, Disney’s The Kid, 3 NinjasCool Runnings and the upcoming film The Meg. Becca refers to him as “my buddy.”

This is one of those movies where she waits for me to get emotional. But I had steel resolve, holding back any tears or emotion. Sandy Bullock, you won’t break me. You won’t.

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