MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Heaven Sent (2023)

Elise (Karen Abercrombie), a grandmother hurt by her past, and Patrick (Leon Pridgen), a widowed pastor have given up on love. But can faith bring them together?

Directed by Joanne Hock and written by Tara Lynn Marcelle and star and executive producer Karen Abercrombie, this is the first time I’ve seen Dallas star Charlene Tilton in a movie for some time.

This is a Pure Flix release, so if you’re not into faith movies, consider this before watching.

Elise is devoted to her grandson Derek (Jemarcus Kilgore) and her store Moxie. Pastor Patrick is just as concerned with those who worship at his church. It seems that neither has time for a relationship. However, the congregation decides to use technology to get the two of them together.

I realize that the majority of my site is devoted to martial arts, giallo, Jess Franco and the sleazier side of film. Consider this a refreshing break where we watch a movie that is meant for families and those that are trying to do the right thing.

I also enjoyed that the film didn’t make fun of faith, as well as having a cast that is racially diverse without calling it out. It’s a nice thing to see in films, especially religious themed movies.

You can get the Mill Creek DVD release of Heaven Sent from Deep Discount.

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