MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Go On – The Complete Series (2012, 2013)

Radio talk show host Ryan King (Matthew Perry) has barely taken any time to get over the death of his wife. He just wants to get back to work, but his boss Steven (John Cho) won’t allow him back on the air until he goes to grief counseling.

Ryan joins a support group but he could really care less. However, the way he approaches the sessions actually helps the others in his group. Led by the barely trained Lauren Bennett (Laura Benanti), the members are Anne (Julie White), a lesbian proscutor unable to get past the loss of her partner; Yolanda Mitsawa (Suzie Nakamura), whose fiancee ran off; Owen Lewis (Tyler James Williams), whose brother is in a coma; Mr. K (Brett Gelman), who has a mysterious job with NASA and who also refuses to reveal why he’s there; Sonia (Sarah Baker), who misses her cat; Fausta (Tonita Castro), whose father and brother just died; Danny (Seth Morris), whose wife had a child with another man while he served in the army; George (Bill Cobbs), who is dealing with the loss of his sight and a former member of the group who shows up from time to time, Simone (Piper Perabo), who Lauren dislikes, perhaps because she starts dating Ryan.

Scott Silveri, who was a writer and executive producer on Friends, also created Joey, which was another sitcom with an alumni of the show. While that Matt leBlanc sitcom lasted for two seasons, this show only lasted one. Maybe all the sadness on the show was a bit much for viewers. Or perhaps they didn’t like how  it felt so much like Community.

I love sitcoms and had never seen this show before, so I enjoyed sitting down with it and getting to know its characters. Ever since the first Newhart series and Dear John, group therapy has been a perfect t story engine for comedy shows. It works here, as you really enjoy the interplay between the characters. Gelman is probably the most entertaining of all of them and his governement ties are funny when you consider that a decade later, he’d be known as the conspiracy obsessed Murray Bauman on Stranger Things.

This was streaming for some time on the Roku channel, but seeing as how you can never tell when things are going to be removed, it’s a really cool thing to own this DVD set of the only season of the show. I wish we could have seen where a second season would have gone.

You can buy the Mill Creek DVD set of Go On from Deep Discount.

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