MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: The Warrant: Breaker’s Law (2023)

The sequel to 2020’s The Breaker, this film brings back Neal McDonough as Civil War hero and sheriff John Breaker. Director Brent Christy is also back in the saddle for this movie, which finds Breaker working again with his friend Deputy Marshall Bugle Bearclaw (Gregory Cruz).

On their latest mission, they must deliver a warrant for Henry “Dead-Eye” Bronson (Dermot Mulroney). It’s not so simple, as Henry is the twin brother of Yule Bronson (also Dermot Mulroney), the powerful leader of a gang of bandits who threaten the town of Absolum’s Hill, which includes Judge Thaddeus (Bruce Boxleitner) and his daughter Charlotte (Amy Hargreaves).

I kind of love that TV movies on basic cable are continuing the American Western, creating stories that are fun and engaging, then move to physical media. Something just feels right about it, like Breaker and Bugle hunting down varmints and evil gunslingers. And hey — I always love to see Boxleitner show up, even if I feel old now, as I remember when he was the young hero and not the elder powerful man in peril.

You can get this Mill Creek release from Deep Discount.

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