VIDEO ARCHIVES WEEK: The Fast Kill (1972)

VIDEO ARCHIVES NOTES: This movie was discussed on the April 11, 2023 episode of the Video Archives podcast and can be found on their site here.

There are several phases to the career of Lindsay Shonteff. He started making cheap horror like Devil Doll and Voodoo Blood Death before making two Eurospy films — The Second Best Secret Agent In the World and The Million Eyes of Sumaru — a genre he would return to several time, making Spy Story, Undercover LoverNo. 1 of the Secret Service and Number One Gun, usually going back to his Bond character Charles Bind every few years or so. He even had a Shot On Video period, in which he kind of remade Night, After Night, After Night as Lipstick and Blood as well as a post-nuke wandering in the boredom movie called The Killing Edge. Oh yeah! He also made Permissive and The Yes Girls, two sexploitation movies about groupies. And I forgot Big Zapper and the sequel, The Swordsman, which are about the adventures of Harriest Zapper.

Max Stein (Tom Adams) is a ruthless criminal who has put together the perfect team to pull off the perfect crime, which happens in the early part of this movie. What follows is Stein killing off the team as they all fall out from one another. Jeremy Dryden (Michael Culver) is the only member of the gang that might have something close to a soul, but that won’t help you in this dark world of stealing  and selling one another out.

Supposedly, Ingrid Pitt was going to be in this, but her husband George Pinches told her she wasn’t permitted.

Stealing 4 million pounds worth of diamonds was supposed to be the hardest part of this heist. Trust me, that was the easy part.

I would say that Shonteff does well with a small budget, but I don’t think he ever had a decent one to work with.

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