TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Killer Coworker (2023)

I can’t even imagine coming to wellness spa Serenity Gardens to relax, because everyone there is deranged.

Owner Ivy Watson (Rayisa Kondracki) has decided to take her somewhat laid back business and apply the business knowledge of Stella Benton (Sierra Wooldridge) toward improving revenue. That means that  she has to analyze every expense, study what each employee does and learn how she can best maximize profit.

There’s quite the crew working there.

Zoe Ravenstill (Kendra Williams) has been there since the beginning, creating much of the Serenity Gardens concept with her best friend Ivy. She’s resistant to any change and seems ready to beat Stella into a pulp when she even tells her good morning.

Kilman (Chris Kapeleris) rocks out his warrior poses and ignores much of what Stella wants to do, but he has a secret tie to Ivy. He’s also dating or has dated nearly everyone that works in the spa.

Jett (Hailey Summer) is the crystal studio manager who reads tarot cards and can see chakras. She’s worried that all the work she’s put in will be thrown away by these new plans.

Boxer (Mal Dassin) is the masseuse who will totally give you a tantric session, which they call a release and which I call the old fashioned. The rub and tug. Wait — it seems he mostly works on ladies, so maybe just the rub. Anyways, he’s quite gross and almost gets into Zoe’s Svadhisthana chakra before his stalker Mandy (Brendee Green) comes to her house and loses her sense of inner calm.

None of these people are ready to calm you down. They’re ready to kill each other.

After several weeks of confrontations, potential romance and even an out and out murder attempt in the sauna — which already killed another employee named Kimber Walters — Stella has had enough and wants to quit. Yet Ivy wants to promote her to running everything and sending Kilman to London to start a new spa. Zoe, who thought the position was hers, quits in disgust.

When Zoe confronts Stella later, two hooded people attack, knocking out our protagonist and killing Zoe. They also shut off the security system and get Stella’s prints all over everything, framing her for the murder. Jett gets her out and by doing some detective work on their own — and consulting the tarot — they figure out who is behind it all.

Directed by V.T. Nayani and written by Scotty Mullen (Girls Getaway Gone WrongThe Manny), Killer Coworker takes you behind the beaded curtain of the spa industry to reveal the dirt inside all the massage oil. My neck and back are bothering me, but I think I’ll avoid going to any wellness place for some time after seeing this.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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