TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Manny (2022)

Lani McCall (Joanne Jansen) is a social media chef about to get her own TV show, so she needs someone to take care of her son. That means getting a male nanny — a manny — named Morgan Washington (Michael Evans Behling). Not being used to seeing a man be sensitive and act like a father, she falls for him, but yeah, this is a Tubi movie and that means that Morgan is still a child himself looking for a family even if he has to kill to keep them.

I guess we have reached the point where men can be the hand that rocks the cradle, so it seems as if we’ve made some progress, even if it’s the fact that psychotic murderous nannies can be any gender or race.

Directed by Doug Campbell, who has 49 credits to his resume including Zapped Again! and several TV movies that end with …At 17 or start with Stalked by… as well as Deadly Garage Sale and Swim Instructor Nightmare. It was written by Tamar Halpern and Scotty Mullen, who wrote the last two Sharknado movies.

I am somewhat relieved that I don’t have the career that warrants a manny and yet maybe if I stopped watching these movies maybe I’d have more time in my life to be more successful and become a social media influencer with my own TV show.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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