Ghosts of Amityville (2022)

Directed and written by JT Kris, who also made 2020’s I Think We’re Alone NowGhosts of Amityville shares the same cast as that film and also places Junie Liv Thomasson in the way of a killer. That movie used a synth version of the Tommy James and the Shondells song, while this one, well, it uses a clown that is the way that Thomasson’s character Olivia perceives the demon of Amityville.

This isn’t the first Amityville clown movie. There’s Amityville Clownhouse. Yet this movie has a young girl try to process the grief over the death of her mother by seeing a clown that keeps coming out of the woods in a movie that is a little over an hour or a year, give or take. It feels like we’re in those woods forever, making me never want to hike anywhere that isn’t covered by concrete or asphalt.

The idea is right and there are some great shots in here by cinematographer Isla Marshall. Seriously, there are a few dreamlike moments that work, but they’re followed by moments that don’t. But any movie that ends with an old woman driving so slow away from the killer that he’s able to basically walk up to the car and catch it while it’s in motion is pretty great. I’m still laughing way longer and harder at that than I have at any comedy I’ve seen this year.

You can get this from MVD.

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