Pillow Party Massacre (2023)

Five former best girlfriends — Sam (Laura Welsh), Alana (Jax Kellington), Barbara (Chynna Rae Shurts), Miles (Allegra Sweeney) and Mikki (Nicolette Pullen) — get back together two years after a school dance prank gone wrong. A joke that turned deadly when their former friend Ashley (Savannah Raye Jones) comes back with a gun. 

Now, she’s in an institution and they’re dealing with the guilt. Could a weekend together be the exact thing they need to move on? Or is a slasher going to kill every one of them? Well, it’s not called Pillow Party Massacre for its health.

Director and writer Calvin Morie McCarthy (Amityville Poltergeist) really loves slashers and that comes through in this. It has a great score by Feeding Fingers, awesome practical effects by Chad Buffett and Maddie Goodwin (Vengeance, a Friday the 13th fan film that’s way better than that sounds, as well as Conjuring: The Beyond) and has enough kills and scenes that pay tribute without feeling like a rip off.

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