Amityville Poltergeist (2020)

Once, this movie was called No Sleep, then Don’t Sleep, then it became an Amityville movie because that’s what you do sometimes if you want your movie to get out there, I guess. Hey — director and co-writer Calvin Morie McCarthy is out there doing it, I guess.

So anyways, as you can guess, this has nothing to do with Amityville, yet when has that stopped us in the past?

Jim is a poor college student who gets a House of the Devil job housesitting for a strange woman named Eunice, even after he’s been warned that the house itself is evil. Right away, he can’t sleep what with all the nightmares and the supernatural stuff that happens when he’s awake may be even worse.

Of course, most of this movie takes place in a room with people just talking to one another. It gets boring and yet never gets into murderdrone territory where it feels like the kind of mind numbing drugs that my brain demands, instead being merely like drinking an O’Doul’s and wondering why you’re not drunk.

I realize that they’re going to keep making Amityville movies and I’m going to keep watching them. Here are a few of my free titles to improve the streaming schlock that hopefully has at least something small to do with 112 Ocean Avenue:

  • Amityville Alien
  • 50 Shades of Amityville
  • Once Upon a Time…In Amityville
  • Amityville Giallo
  • Amityville Christmas
  • Amityville Ouija Party
  • Amityville Police Academy
  • Don’t Go in the Basement of the Amityville Death House
  • House of 1000 Amityville Horrors
  • Amityville Avengers

I literally have thousands of these and I await any streaming production company that wants more.


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