Anu (2023)

Directed by Sudeshna Sen, who co-wrote the script with Anjali Banerjee — based on the book Looking for Bapu by Anjali Banerjee — this movie is about the bond between Anu (Diya Modi) and her grandfather Bapu (Abhijeet Rane).

Her parents are too busy to see much of her, but he provides her with not just food and companionship, but spiritual and emotional support. When he dies while they watch birds together, she refuses to let him go, seeing his ghost and deciding that she will become a Buddhist holy person, shaving her head and attempting to bring Bapu back.

This is impossible, but the journey will bring together mother, father and daughter. The deepest connection remains between her and Bapu, as when she sees a photo of him at a young age, they look like they could be the same person. This brings her tears of joy.

At once a story of the immigrant experience and growing up to accept grief, Anu is an interesting film that has growing talent behind and in front of the camera.

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