Each week, Roger Avery and Quentin Tarantino — joined by Gala Avery — post the Video Archives podcast. From controversial James Bond films to surprising exploitation flicks, they share their thoughts on movies that maybe listeners didn’t know they would love, give awards to their favorites, and of course, rate the quality of the video transfer.

Both worked at the original Video Archives store in Manhattan Beach before becoming filmmakers and the show is great, giving you the idea of what it was like to hang out in the store then as well as be part of watching movies with them now.

Over the next weeks — maybe more — I’ll be going through the films of the first season of this show and how I felt about them. Video Archives has felt like a friend to me as I increase my exercise and walk several miles a day, while also getting me to fill in the blind spots in my film experience. Sure, I can tell you about Bollywood remakes of slashers, but I haven’t seen many Rod Steiger movies.

Each post will also have a link to read more on the Video Archives site, a link to the episode it appeared on and some cool VHS artwork.

I’m so excited that I’ve gotten to learn more about film, I consider this show a master class in film appreciation. How lucky we are to have two incredible movie makers explaining why a scene works, why a movie is worth watching and. exploring their favorites in such a conversational way. I can’t think of any other opportunity like this. And Gala is so much fun, bringing such enthusiasm for not just VHS but movies and life.

Here’s to a great week of movies.

Keep up with the movies we’re watching with this Letterboxd list.

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