Wolfpack (1987)

Sam Adams (Jim Abel) has just moved to a new house in an all-American town. Everything seems perfect and he has a chance to get a scholarship thanks to his performance on the football team. But man, that team. Everyone in school loves them, but they might love them too much, especially Jack “Boot” Butkowski (Tony Carlin). In fact, one could say that the team are pretty much forming a new Third Reich inside the school and even the town itself.

Director Bill Milling produced NightmareCaged FurySavage Dawn and Silent Madness, but is probably best known for directing adult movies like A Scent of HeatherThe Vixens of Kung Fu and Oriental Blue.

This feels so much like my high school that it started triggering flashbacks. That said, there weren’t as many thirty-year-old teenagers in the unhallowed halls of Lincoln High School.

That said, this movie is more nuanced than you think it would be, highlighting the dangers of mob mentality and why we can never let what happened in Germany happen here except, you know, it’s happening all over the place now.

That’s right. It’s the most well-intentioned and thought out anti-fascist movie made by a porn director.

You can get this from Vinegar Syndrome.

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