10TH ANNUAL OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU FEST: The Grand Passion (1970)

Lu Xiao-Ling (Polly Shan-kuan) and her brother Lu Liu (Pai Ying) are young rebels and part of the Southern Song Dynasty. Tasked with moving a document that will allow two allied armies to finally come together to defeat the despised Jin army that has occupied China, this film is about the clandestine meetings and secret paths that the two will undertake to save their homeland. Also, Lu Xiao-Ling has the wildest martial arts weapon ever: she can throw coins with deadly efficiency.

This week, I’ve touched on how it took King Hu years and years to make A Touch of Zen. In fact, it took so much time that assistant director Tu Chung-hsun made A City Called Dragon while the cast and crew was waiting. But it also took so long that Yang Shih-Ching also took the cast and crew to make this movie.  And when you have fights between Polly aand Pai Ying against Lung Fei, Shan Mao, Chang Yi kwai and Chen Shi Wei, well, the results won’t be boring.

Want to see it for yourself?

You can watch The Grand Passion Friday, April 28 at 7:15 PM

in Theater 1 at Metrograph and Subway Cinema in New York City. It’s part of the 10th Old School Kung Fu Fest: Sword Fighting Heroes Edition from April 21-30, 2023!

Tickets are on sale right here!

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