What’s On Shudder: May 2023

Here’s what’s playing on Shudder this month and next. Click on any title with a hyperlink to see our review.

May 1: High TensionInsideLividMartyrs

May 8: Darker than the NightPoison for the Faeries

May 12: Huesera: The Bone Woman: Valeria, a young woman expecting her first child, becomes cursed by a sinister entity. Plunged into a terrifying and dangerous world, a group of witches emerges as her only hope for safety and salvation, but not without grave risk.

May 15: The BabadookThe Devil’s Doorway

May 19: Consecration: After the suspicious death of her brother, a priest, Grace (Malone) goes to the Mount Saviour Convent in Scotland to find out what really happened with the help of Father Romero (Huston). But she soon comes to distrust the account of the Church as she uncovers murder, sacrilege, and a disturbing truth about her own shadowy past that brings long-buried trauma to the surface.

May 22: In Their Skin

May 26: Influencer: While struggling on a solo backpacking trip in Thailand, social media influencer Madison meets CW, who travels with ease and shows her a more uninhibited way of living. But CW’s interest in her takes a darker turn.

There are three Last Drive-In episodes coming:

May 5: Cinco de Mayo!

May 12: Mama’s Day!

May 19: Dysfunctional Family Jubilee!

There are also three episodes of Slasher and the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

Don’t have Shudder? Plans start at under $5 a month and you can get the first week free when you visit Shudder.

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