TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Gone Before Her Time: Brittany Murphy (2023)

Brittany Murphy (FreewayDriveCluelessCherry FallsDon’t Say a Word) is the very definition of gone before her time, an actress who died at the age 32 in a very mysterious way. 2009 was a time of actresses being torn apart by tabloids and TMZ and Murphy was no different. But so many years afterward, the public is still fascinated by her tragic life.

HBO did What Happened, Britney Murphy? last year and if you haven’t had enough, this doc — hey Stacey Dash shows up — will tell you everything you need to know and more. But I mean, when you have a gorgeous star flame out and also get involved with a con artist named Simon Monjack who would also soon die — but not before they went everywhere with her mother Sharon, who posed for nearly a couples photo with Monjack after her daughter passed away — you can see why people want to know more.

Would Murphy have come back in the #MeToo era, fighting back at the producers who laughed that she wasn’t f**kable? I’d like to think so. I wish the intervention her friends tried before her marriage worked. But this is more than a documentary and more of a warning to those with low self-esteem. And as always, avoid Svenglais who want to be your manager, agent and make-up person at all costs.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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