TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Bad Cat (2016)

Bad Cat may seem like a parody of Garfield, but in truth it’s Kötü Kedi Şerafettin by Bülent Üstün. The cartoon was made by Mehmet Kurtuluş and Ayşe Ünal and was self-funded with some of the budget raised through product placements.

It’s wild that it ended up on Tubi, but there you go.

Shero is an orange cat that has a bad temper and a hate/hate relationship with his owner  Tank. One day, he gets Riza the rat and Rifki the seagull to go get some booze while he and his feline friend Black break into another apartment and try to seduce the gorgeous Princess, but in all the excitement, she’s accidentally killed.

Right there, you should know that no matter how cute this looks, it is in no way for kids.

Princess’ owner comes back and kills Black in a rage, while Shero knocks him out a window, killing the human. Or so one would think until he’s brought back to life and wants revenge, all while Shero is trying to get with another lady, Misscat. Oh yeah. He also meets Taco, who claims to be his son.

Tank has locked his cat out of his home and all Shero wants to do is get drunk and get laid. And maybe finally bond with his son, except Princess’ owner keeps coming back from the grave. Can this cat destroy his owner, escape his enemy and finally get some?

After the film’s television premiere in Turkey, the Radio and Television Supreme Council fined the Kanal D television channel for airing it. I mean, it has a cat that smokes and drinks!

Despite being made a few years ago and on a budget much lower than your average American animated film, this looks really good. I had fun with it and actually worried for the crew when the cops were shooting at them during a bank robbery. Who knew that I’d be so entertained by this?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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