NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: Double Nickels (1977)

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read another take on this movie here.

Also released as Split-Second Smokey, this movie is about two cops — Ed (Edward Abrahms, the art director of the movie) and Smokey (Jack Vacek, who directed and wrote this; he also did the same for Deadly Addiction) — making extra money repossessing cars for George Daniels (George Cole) and Mick (Mick Brennan) before they learn that they are actually involved in a car theft ring.

Smokey’s girl Heidi (Heidi Schubert) just wants him to start being a normal person not obsessed with cars and racing. She ends up dumping him and he finds a new girl, Jordan (Patrice Schubert, is Heidi’s sister and yeah, that’s kind of weird, right? She’s also Vacek’s wife).

There’s a big crossover with H.B. Halicki’s car movies, as Vacek and cinematographer Tony Syslo worked for him, as well as Cole and Abrahms appearing in several Halicki movies. This has the same ramshackle feel — and I mean that in the best way, read that as “it has heart” — as those movies, with the L.A. River concrete structures that you’ll know from Terminator being used as scenery for chase after chase.

How close is this to Gone In Sixty Seconds? The black 1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille in this movie has a Ronald Moran Cadillac license plate. That’s the same car dealer shown from Halicki’s movie.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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