NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: Deadly Harvest (1977)

In the midst of a worldwide famine — brought on by global cooling, not warming — farmer Grant Franklin (Clint Walker) and his family are some of the few to have food, thanks to hydroponics. Yeah, it was 1977.

The drama starts when cattle thief Mort Logan (Nehemiah Persoff) steals the family’s last cow from daughter Susan (Kim Cattrall), which causes Grant’s son Michael (Geraint Wyn Davies) to join the militia that’s been fighting back. Then, Charles Ennis (David Brown) and his father (Tim Whelan) come from Toronto to the country, begging the Franklin family for produce for his sick sister (Nuala Fitzgerald). When the militia finds the food, they think he stole it and Ennis’ father dies of a heart attack. This all ends up with a battle at Susan’s wedding, where Grant’s wife (Dawn Greenhalgh) and Susan’s groom are both murdered. But hey — there are only 27 days of food left for the whole world.

Deadly Harvest is a downer, as you can tell, but it’s a different end of the world film. The combat is all from frustration and pain; this is no fun Mad Max world. It’s the type of movie that has a credit for scientific consultation by City Green Hydroponics.

Director Timothy Bond also made the My Pet Monster movie, along with episodes of Friday the 13th: The SeriesThe HitchhikerGoosebumps and Animorphs. Writer Martin Lager also wrote The Shape of Things To Come and the TV series The Starlost.

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