TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Threat Next Door (2023)

Hospital researcher Mary (Shive Negar) is going through so much. She has a stressful job that haunts her, a separation from her drunken husband James (Johnathan Sousa) and her daughter Daphne (Bianca Sas) to bring up. She’s not doing well on any of those fronts, as she lost a patient a year ago, she’s debating a restraining order and her kid has to repeat fourth grade.

When new neighbor Eve (Kimberly-Sue Murray) offers to help, it seems like the perfect solution. This being a Tubi exclusive movie, viewers will instantly realize that all Eve wants is to take Daphne and start her own life, probably killing at least one of Mary’s friends.

Before you can say “Lifetime movie,” Eve has convinced Mary that James is throwing rocks through her window, that only she can properly watch her daughter and that best friend Natalie (Amber Goldfarb) isn’t all that great of a pal.

Of course, Eve is manipulating everything, even destroying Mary’s work so that she misses her daughter’s school presentation. Mary reacts by slowing down her life and making time for her daughter, which is a happy ending for everyone except Eve, whose help is no longer needed. She reacts as you imagine, by taking out Natalie and stealing Daphne.

Also, if you didn’t guess that the patient Mary lost was Eve’s daughter and that this is all one long and involved revenge scheme, you have not watched enough basic cable cinema. Please start your homework with any number of Tubi originals or Lifetime movies, then bask in the joy of a much more rich life.

How far reaching is her scheme? She drugged James on the night of his DUI, which broke up the marriage. She just didn’t figure on James and Mary coming back together as they search for their daughter.

Sure, the plot can be figured out in minutes, but movies like this are sheer junk food and I mean that as a compliment. This was directed by Pasha Patriki, who has mainly worked as a producer on movies like Lifechanger. It was written by Mallory Gibson and Courtney McAllister.

Remember: there really isn’t much difference between a cable potboiler and a giallo.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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