TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Making Scents of Love (2023)

As she hurries to create a new fragrance to impress g a famous fashion icon Amy Song (Jean Yoon, Kim’s Convenience), organic chemist Shay Robson (Katherine Barrell, Star Trek: DiscoveryWynonna Earp) ends up spilling it all over said fashionista’s hot nephew Austin (Patrick Kwok-Choon, who was also on Star Trek: Discovery and Wynonna Earp).

He instantly falls for Shay because of the accidental mixture that she’s made. Or maybe it’s true love. Either way, Shay’s business — run inside a storage unit next to a Dungeons and Dragons play group — and her heart are both in danger, which makes her overanalyzes everything to the point that she almost loses it all.

With the help of her friend Darian Wilson (Tom Hearn), Shay has to solve it all, because there’s no way — at least she thinks — that she could win over such a catch. Can she learn to love herself and see that her ideas have value?

Directed by Robin Dunne (who has mostly directed holiday movies and two robot dog movies about A.R.C.H.I.E.; he also acts and is in this as Jorgenson), who co-wrote it with Arcade Riley (he’s also Rick Shaw, the RPG gamesmaster in this), Making Scents of Love is pretty much exactly like a perfume you buy at Target. It does what it should, it’s maybe a bit more memorable than you thought it would be and it’s affordable. Or, because this is on Tubi, free.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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