Before he moved into making TV movies, Michael Miller made Silent Rage and Class Reunion in the same year, as well as another rough film, Jackson County JailStreet Girls is more raw than all of them, a movie that seemed to be sleazier than the majority of New World’s catalogue.

Shockingly, it was co-written by Barry Levinson.

Yes, the same person who directed Rainman.

Angel (Christine Souder in the only movie she’d ever make) goes from college girl to exotic dancer to getting hooked on heroin. Her father (Art Burke) decides to go the Hardcore route four years before that movie was made and head out into the filthy streets to find his little girl. At first, he has the help of her co-worker Sally (Carol Case, also in her only movie) until he learns that she was Angel’s lover. Disgusted, he abandons her and continues his search.

This also shows the life that Angel is in, down to a scene where a client brings her a swimming mask so that he can urinate on her. She locks herself in a filthy motel bathroom while he keeps banging on the door, begging for the opportunity to defile her. This scene goes way beyond any small town girl gone wrong movie than any I’ve seen in mainstream movies.

It’s not great, but man, it’s not afraid to show how cheap life can be.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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