TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch (2023)

When Butch Cassidy (Ross Jirgl), The Sundance Kid (Jilon VanOver) and the rest of the Wild Bunch rob a train of big money, the Pinkerton men — led by Detective Siringo (Jeffrey Combs) — assemble to being them in, dead or well, probably not alive.

This film strides a different path than the famous Redford and and Newman film. Butch is quieter and haunted by his past. His father figure, Mike Cassidy, is played by Bruce Dern, adding more star power to the cast of this movie. And Mike’s wife Alice is Dee Wallace, so Butch Cassidy & The Wild Bunch has a lot of my favorites in some strong roles.

There’s another film coming up — Butch vs. Sundance which will also be on Tubi — and this comes from The Asylum. It was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (SharknadoTime Pirates) and written by Geoff Meed (The Amityville Haunting; he is also Kid Curry in this movie). Other Wild Bunch members include Elza Lay (Alex Knight), Isom Dart (Josh Horton) and Bob Meeks (Kyle McKeever).

I don’t know who is asking for a new Butch and Sundance movie — well, obviously me — but I love that Tubi is expanding their originals with a western, much less one that will have a follow-up. Plus, Combs showing up in anything will always get me to watch.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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