NEW WORLD PICTURES MONTH: Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)

The last in the New World Pictures nurses movies, Candy Stripe Nurses stars Candice Rialson as Sandy, a nurse determined to cure rock star Owen Boles (Kendrew Lascelles, a playwright and poet for the most part) of his impotence. The other girls include Diane (Robin Mattson, Hot Rod), who wants to be a doctor who ends up getting involved with speed-addicted basketball player Cliff (Rod Haase), and Marisa (Maria Rojo), who has a romance with potential criminal Carlos (Roger Cruz). Rojo was thirty one and playing a juvenile delinquent, which I find absolutely fits into the world of Corman.

Director Alan Holieb said, “I found out they had taken a poll at a local high school. They sent someone out with a list of 30 or so titles and Candy Stripe Nurses got the most votes. They wanted a little social consciousness, a little romance, a little comedy and a little sex. Another requirement was they wanted a sex clinic. I don’t know why!”

He would go on to direct Wizards of the Lost Kingdom without a credit and School Spirit.

Originally shot at the Burbank Community Hospital, the cast and crew were kicked out when the real script was discovered — they had given the administration one that had none of the sex scenes — and Rialson was found hiding naked before shooting one of her scenes.

This is the last and definitely least of the nurse films, as it abandons the social commentary and just goes straight for the sex, with a very odd to 2023 moral center, as guys just push women into sex to the point that it feels like an assault.

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