Also known as A Kiss from Eddie and The Arousers — that’s a title! — this is the first film that Curtis Hanson (The Little Dragons, The Hand That Rocks the CradleEight Mile) directed. He also wrote The Silent Partner and The Dunwich Horror.

The star of this movie, Tab Hunter, was a huge deal at one point. He was in Battle CryThe Girl He Left BehindDamn Yankees and West Side Story and had a music career, with “Young Love” going to number one for six weeks in 1957. Realizing that Hunter was a crossover star, Jack L. Warner banned Dot Records from working with his talent and established Warner Brothers Records just to originally release Tab Hunter records. After his career winded down to summer stock and dinner theater, he moved to France and was in a few Italian films, but his career finally came back when he was in PolyesterLust In the Dust and Grease 2.

But at the time of this movie, he was struggling. That’s probably why he was open to being in a movie where he plays Eddie Collins, a man who can’t get aroused unless he’s killed someone and is next to their dead body, which is pretty wild for 1973. The original script had a woman being the killer, which Roger Corman didn’t get. His note on the file? It needed a reshoot because there weren’t enough bare breasts.

Hence the alternate title — The Arousers — and Roberta Collins (Death Race 2000), Cherie Latimer (Angels Hard As They Come), Linda Leider, Brandy Herred and Angel Fox billed and Hunter nowhere on the poster. That said, there was a free sexual stimulation test offered free at the theater. Corman also had Hanson shoot two more days of sex scenes just for this new cut of the film.

The best part is that Collins figures out what Hunter’s character needs. He used to peek at his mother in his teen years, so she dresses like the dead woman and just lies unmoving on the bed while Hunter strips her clothes off and molests her. Yes, if you think this is for the kids, just remember that new title.

Even better, this was called Sensualità morbosa (Morbid Sensuality) in Italy.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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