MILL CREEK BLU RAY RELEASE: Epic Showdowns – 4 Action Movies: The Cowboy Way (1994)

Rodeo riders and ropers Pepper Lewis (Woody Harrelson) and Sonny Gilstrap (Kiefer Sutherland) have traveled from New Mexico to New York City looking for their friend Nacho Salazar (Joaquín Martínez) and staying to find his killer along with police officer Sam “Mad Dog” Shaw (Ernie Hudson).

Directed by Gregg Champion and written by Robert C. Thompson and William D. Wittliff (Legends of the FallThe Perfect StormLonesome Dove‘s TV script), this reminds me of the 90s when high concept buddy movies kept coming out. “So Woody and Kiefer are from Texas and come to the big city and stuff happens! We’ll even have Woody order a steak, you know, because he’s vegan! It’s kind of like Crocodile Dundee.”

Bad guy John Stark (Dylan McDermott) is the reason they’re in town, as Nacho was coming to buy his daughter Teresa’s (Cara Buono) freedom. The outcome is never in doubt, but there is a nice bit of character work as Hudson really wants to be a cowboy, which is supposed to be funny because the movie assumes audiences believe there were no black cowboys when history informs us that up to 25% of all cowboys in the settling days of the west were African American.

The Mill Creek Epic Showdowns – 4 Action Movies set includes  Kull the Conqueror, The Jackal and End of Days. You can get it from Deep Discount.

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