After the success of The Big Doll House, Roger Corman and John Ashley would have to work together again. However, this would be the last movie Eddie Romero would make for the producer. It’s a Jack Hill-written remake, remix and ripoff of The Most Dangerous Game with mercenaries Tony (John Ashley), Silas (Sid Haig) and Karp (Ken Metcalfe) kidnapping gorgeous women for the pleasure of Spyros (Eddie Garcia), who places them on his island and conducts hunting parties.

When Tony finds a conscience — more to the point he gets turned on by one of the women he’s taken, McGee (Pat Woodell, The Twilight People) — and decides to help her and her friends Billie (Charlene Jones, Unholy Rollers) and Lori (Laurie Rose, Policewomen) to escape Spyros and his brutal henchwoman Madga (Lisa Todd, Wonder Women and Sunshine Cornsilk from Hee-Haw).

All of the Corman Philippines-shot films seem like they’re setting up sex and the hint of violence until they realize their running time is getting close, so they go all Shakespeare and by that, I mean they kill nearly everyone off. This is no different, but I kind of like how — spoilers for a fifty year old movie — Spyros could kill the survivors but misses Magda so much he blows his brains out. Who said love is dead?

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