TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Alarmed (2023)

Janet (Brittany Baker) and Sean (Pooch Hall) have gone from an empty nest to having their son Billy (Chris Whitcomb) move back in after being arrested for hacking government websites. Now under house arrest, he’s just one of the many problems in their marriage. But while their personal life is at a 2, their professional lives are at a 9. That’s because Janet has been promoted to  CEO of Citadel Security, a high-tech security company. So in the hopes of fixing their love life, they go away on a vacation and leave Billy in the house alone.

As you can imagine, this bad idea is why we have this movie.

Using the security system in their home, they can see that Billy has invited a girl named Kat (Angie Campbell) to the house. Yet that security system isn’t flawless. Because you know who he didn’t invite? Hackers Coltrane (David Gere), Martinez (Brendan Kelleher), Andrew (Eric Lutes) and Foggy (Salvatore DelGreco), who quickly attack Billy, shoot Kat and demand that Janet and Sean kill her boss Larry (Eric Allan Kramer) if they want their son to survive.

Director and writer Matthew Kohnen also made Aaah! Zombies!!, a movie that I always scroll past and should really check out. This movie might not break any ground and may be filled with characters making the worst decisions, but it’s well made. Ah, Tubi. You got me again.

You can watch this on — hey I just said it above — Tubi.

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