JESS FRANCO MONTH: Strike Back (1981)

I know that Carl Schenkel directed this film, but Jess Franco was on board — uncredited — for help and that’s good enough for me.

Yeah, the director of The Mighty Quinn and Tarzan and the Lost City worked with Franco, but hey, so did Orson Welles on Chimes at Midnight so anything can happen.

Dave (Dave Balko, the lead singer of Tempo, a band on the soundtrack of this movie) breaks out of a juvenile prison by staging his suicide and trying to find his pregnant girlfriend and get revenge on those that did him wrong — like Kowalski (Otto Sander) — and got him sent behind bars. Throughout, this has such a no future feeling — the ending will truly hammer that home — while showing you the New Wave scene in West Germany in 1981. I didn’t know the bands Blixa Bargeld, Rhe Neonbabies, Malaria, Thomas Voburka and Tempo before, but it was cool to discover them through this.

Why should you watch it? Well, there are some punk performances and man, that old Space Invaders pinball machine was awesome, wasn’t it? Also: Brigitte Wöllner, who plays Dave’s lover Corinna, was Playboy Germany‘s Miss August 1980.

Most of all, it makes Berlin seem like infinite death, doom and darkness. Man, that closing scene!

You can watch this on YouTube.

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