The Gods 2: The Dark Side (2023)

I’ve never seen The Gods — it’s on Tubi — but this sequel has Mikey James (director and writer Mykel Shannon Jenkins) returning after the loss of the love of his life Sofia and their unborn child. Her brother and his rival Anthony Fasano (Kevin Interdonato) wants Mikey to pay for her death, which means that Mikey and his brothers  Bobby (Casey Ford Alexander) and Keith (Nicoye Banks) have to pay their old debts while staying out of the sights of Fasano and his murderous crew.

The budget might be low for this, but it’s a more character-driven revenge movie. The first film seemed to be a very Romeo and Juliet story while this is the aftermath with characters caught between regret and revenge. The five years between the two movies has not reduced the rage between the Fasano and James families. Add in Mikey trying to help an old friend named Olympus (Ernest Thomas), who is targeted by a hitman named Florian (Daniel O’Reilly) and you have a recipe for bloody vengeance. And then there’s Lil Homie (Mykel’s son Bryce) whose love life may be the past repeating itself all over again.

The Gods 2 looks great and hey — you can’t beat the price, because it’s playing for free on Tubi.

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