ReBroken (2023)

Will (Scott Hamm Duenas) is drinking himself into the grave when he isn’t attending court-ordered grief counseling run by Bella (Alison Haislip). But then he meets a stranger named Von (Tobin Bell) who gives him some records that, when played, contain messages from his dead daughter Shelly. In fact, they just might give him a clue that can bring her back from the dead. All he needs is one last recording but now the stranger has disappeared.

Directed by Kenny Yates (who was a child actor on the TV show Zoom) and written by Dumas and Kipp Tribble, who plays Bryan, this is as much a supernatural film as one where a father left behind by death seeks redemption from the daughter he has lost. It’s not an expected film and it really tries something unique and interesting. The idea of records of meditations unlocking the beyond is a really solid one.

There’s also the push and pull of the group, as Bryan (Tribble), pushes Will to embrace their teachings and work toward recovery. Yet Lydia (Nija Okoro) feels that the preachiness of their steps is wrong and that Von’s meditations are the answer. You’ll have to watch to see who is right, who is wrong and if even right and wrong matter when it comes to grief.

ReBroken is available on streaming platforms on March 7 from Gravitas Ventures.

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