JESS FRANCO MONTH: Golden Jail (1976)

On paper, this is about a crime boss named Mr. Winter (Roger Darton) who leaves Hong Kong during a gang war and sets up a new shop in Paris where he gets busy doing what he does best: kidnapping women and getting them to become sex workers who make him money.

The strange part is figuring out how much of this movie was directed by Jess Franco and how much was by Marius Lesoeur and other Eurocine directors. There’s a scene in a cabaret with a Jess cameo which is definitely all him but the shootout that opens this movie is way too much action for him, as he often struggled with showing action movie basics in his work.

At least Alice Arno (Kiss Me Killer) is on hand as Winter’s henchwoman.

My hunt for info on this movie at. least led me to a site that — for some reason — has Jess Franco’s horoscope birth chart. What can we learn from this?

According to Robert Monell, “Franco was called in to direct some of the stage shows while footage from other Eurocine films (Paul Naschy’s Crimson) and new scenes directed by Eurocine founder Marius Lesoeur told the tale.” He used the name A.M.F. Frank, which is also a name that Lesoeur used on other movies.

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