JESS FRANCO MONTH: Jess Franco’s Passion (2005)

In his 2000s movies, Jess Franco often features the same actresses — Fata Morgana, Carmen Montes, Rachel Sheppard and always Lina Romay — and the story doesn’t matter. An all-female remake of Franco’s 1986 film El mirón y la exhibicionista, this has a voyeur watching a new young couple and dealing with her ex, played by Romay.

Made by Jess’ Manacoa company, this is near formless as all it contains is posed male gaze approximations of what Sapphic love entails. We’re paying — whether through lack of art or by the old fashioned way of cash — for an elderly Jess to engage in whatever women he and Lina want to see frolic. I guess at least I should be happy that he figured out a way to get paid for it rather than paying for it.

At least the soundtrack that he created with Daniel White is catchy. This goes along with Jess Franco’s Perversion, a second movie that has more of the same but at least a conclusion. I wonder if Jess was approximating the VCA model which gave us one movie as two films, like Party Doll-A-Go-Go, a formless American movie that I’m sure that he would have just adored.

If you have 191 minutes to watch slow video effects and women writhe, it’s your call. I did it, but I am following that mantra that you have not seen a Jess Franco film unless you see all of his movies.

Great box art, though.

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