JESS FRANCO MONTH: Phollastía (1987)

The American adult film industry isn’t the only one that made parodies of popular pop culture. Even Jess Franco was on hand to do this, making Phalo Crest and this film which places Lina Romay as Jean Collins — get it, this is Dynasty — and yes, this was shot at the same time and on the same sets but this at least has the look of the TV show and, most importantly, the shoulder pads-heavy fashion.

Franco used the name Betty Carter for this, taken from a jazz vocalist with a scat singing style. You can understand why Jess took this name as Carter was known for doing everything in her “…bold, inimitable way — regardless of the commercial consequences — to the passionate delight of her fans and the occasional exasperation of record-company executives and club owners,” according to her San Francisco Chronicle obituary. Franco would use the name Lennie Hayden for Phalo Crest, in case you wondered.*

He also used the name Chuck Evans for his screenwriter credit.

Franco actor Antonio Mayans turned down this film but acted as its agent as he sold it. In an interview, he mentioned that he had no issue when Jess would use the same set for mainstream and an adult film, as it saved money and could even make a profit, but to make movies specifically to be adult and no other art coming out of it wasn’t something he thought Jess should do.

*For a breakdown of all of Franco’s jazz-related alternate names, this Tom Clark article is incredible.

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