TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Aliens, Abductions & UFOs: Roswell at 75 (2022)

With all the balloons being shot down this week and the secrecy around those, this seemed like the right week to watch a documentary that asks the big questions, like “What does our government really know about UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)?” annd “Am I going to get the same information from this documentary that I get from every single other alien doc that I’ve watched since I was a kid?”

You’re not going to learn anything new on Roswell and what happened there that you haven’t learned from nearly every other basic cable alien show except, you know, if you’ve never watched one of these before and you’re about to have your mind blown.

At some point, they run out of Roswell stuff and decide to just talk about all of the many people who have been abducted, like Barney and Betty Hill. It is kind of interesting to hear from these folks and how hard it is for them to tell their friends and family what has happened to them.

Depending on what side of the argument you’re on, you’re also either going to find this all laughable or fascinating. I’d rather have an open mind about these kinds of things.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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