Syd (Chris Evans) learns that his ex-girlfriend London (Jessica Biel) is having a going-away party by her friend Rebecca (Isla Fisher) as she’s going to California with her new boyfriend. London destroyed Syd when she broke things off and he refuses to let her escape without telling her how he feels, so he brings along his coke buddy Bateman (Jason Statham) and pretty much gets destroyed and does lines in a bathroom while confessing everything that got him to this point in his life.

Directed and written by Hunter Richards, this is very 2005 in that Dane Cook has a role. Its leads were also dating, which makes sense as to why they’d both do this and hey, at least The Crystal Method soundtrack is pretty good.

Really, if you want to watch 90 minutes of Evans and Statham in a wig doing blow while women come in, urinate and also do blow while those two go off on life, love and urinating on folks, this is on blu ray and looks nice, I guess. This feels like a one room play and at least the leads get to put it all in and go for it. Maybe it’s your favorite movie and you saw it back in the mid 2000s and remember a time when you could randomly go to parties and not deal with a plague and the worst thing was some post-nasal drip and the need to apologize to some people you offended.

You can buy the Mill Creek blu ray of London from Deep Discount.

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