TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Suburban Nightmare: JonBenét Ramsey (2022)

Even with all the DNA technology, a ton of cops and no small army of experts, no one has ever figured out who killed JonBenét Ramsey and no one ever will. This will not stop shows being made from now until the end of time to try and figure that out, even if they won’t.

This hits all the moments of this case and trust me, I live with a true crime wife who dreams of solving a case. There’s the Santa Claus, falsely accused. All those people walking all over the crime scene. Patsy, John — who shows up to speak on his own behalf — and creepy Burke Ramsay. The note which still makes no sense. The strange mentally ill man who kept calling them. Cops worse than a giallo except, you know, in real life. The 24 hour news cycle run insane as it attempts to put it all together and throwing even more conjecture than anyone could imagine is possible.

I mean, just this week, an unearthed DNA test from 1997 proved that DNA recovered under the murdered girl’s fingernails and her clothes was not a match for any members of her family is in the news. The case is still open. Three hours before I wrote this, John told several reporters that police rushed to conclusions and withheld the DNA evidence that would exonerate him and his wife.

It’s never going away.

You can watch this though, but if you’re interested, I assume that you already think you know who killed her and have your own theories about the pineapple in her stomach.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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