JESS FRANCO MONTH: Sexy Sisters (1976)

Countess Edna Luise Von Stein (Pamela Stanford, Lorna the ExorcistCannibal Terror) once had a stud in bed that was surprised by her sister Millicent (Karine Gambier, but you can also call her Simone Samson like they did in Caged Women and Secrets of a French Maid). That man ended up assaulting Millicent while Edna watched and now, Edna keeps her all tied and drugged up with the help of Dr. Barrios (Jack Taylor) all in the hopes that if she can get the lawyers to say that Millicent is legally insane, then she’ll get everything.

Milly has one hope. Her sister has brought many men to her room — and watched — but only Joe (Kurt Meinicke) ever gave her pleasure. He’s in love with her, but can he rescue her? Is there anything left? And will Edna let her go, seeing as how her pleasure is dependent on seeing her sister remain unfulfilled?

This also has the much better title Satanic Sisters even if there are no occult things happening. Just weird sex, the kind of stuff that Erwin C. Dietrich wrote and there’s no Lina around but there’s Jess, shooting things through curtains and that’s about all we can hope for at this stage.

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