Tubi picks 30

Tubi keeps adding movies and I feel like it’s my duty to find the strange and weird, then tell you why you should watch it.

1. Skinned Deep: TUBI LINK

You know the movie that Rob Zombie keeps trying to make? This is it but so much better. And weirder.

2. Satan’s Storybook: TUBI LINK

This shot on video anthology may make no sense, but it has Grady Bradner, the writer of The Howling, as a clown and Ginger Lynn as a ninja fighting Satan, who looks like Danzig after a visit to the Spirit Store.

3. Disconnected: TUBI LINK

Shot in Waterbury, Connecticut and featuring a soundtrack with XTC, The Excerpts (the band Jon Brion started in), Haysi Fantayzee and Hunters & Collectors, there really isn’t a slasher — there isn’t a movie — like this.

4. American Nightmare: TUBI LINK

Glenn once said, “Hot cherry on Friday night, when the sun goes down my spine. I put an axe in my baby’s head, I’m gonna end up doing time. She looks so good in red. American nightmare running scared.” This was made in Canada, though.

5. Necromancer: TUBI LINK

A demonic I Spit On Your Grave directed by Dusty Nelson, who made Effects, and written by William T. Naud, who directed Island of Blood/Whodunit. That’s two awesome reasons to watch this. Here’s two more: Elizabeth Kaitan and Russ Tamblyn.

Check out the interview I did with Dusty before you watch it!

6. Blood and Lace: TUBI LINK

A movie where a teenage girl, whose prostitute mother was killed with a hammer, moves into an orphanage where people repeatedly get their hands cut off that’s rated PG. Also Vic Tayback.

7. Dark Tower: TUBI LINK

Released in the U.S. as The Curse V and as Demons 7: The Inferno in Japan, this movie has Jenny Agutter in some of the most ridiculously unrevealing lingerie ever seen in a movie and was directed by Freddie Francis, who replaced Ken Wiederhorn (Shock Waves).

8. Poor Pretty Eddie: TUBI LINK

There is something in here to offend everyone. Seriously, this movie is horrifying. I’ve watched it around five times.

9. Identikit: TUBI LINK 

Liz Taylor loses her mind and just may be in a giallo. Man, I love this movie.

10. A White Dress for Marialé: TUBI LINK

This made me reconsider Romano Scavolini and see him as much better than a hack who made Nightmares in a Damaged Brain.

What do you recommend?

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