SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE: Sorry About the Demon (2022)

Emily Hagins made Pathogen when she was just 12 and I’m so excited that she’s kept making movies. She directed and wrote this possession film, which has heartbroken Will (John Michael Simpson) move into a big house all by himself when he gets dumped by Amy (Paige Adams). It’s too good to be true and that’s because the family who was there before made a deal with a demon named Demonous to save their daughter’s soul. Now, Will is dead meat. Or is her?

Will’s friend Patrick (Jeff McQuilty) wants him to move on and tries to fix him up with Aimee (Olivia Ducayen), who as fate would have it used to cast ghosts from homes to pay for college. Of course, Demonous is a much bigger problem than just an everyday specter.

The big problem happens when Amy ends up coming over and romance rears its head, leading to a night of pasta and passion. Yet when our hero wakes up, well, it’s not to his lover. It’s to — you knew it — the demon.

I had a lot of fun with this movie. There are too many cakes, too many jobs for Will, too much danger and it all works. It’s a movie that doesn’t seek to destroy and humiliate its characters and by the end, you enjoy every single one of them. I’m even happier that Hagins didn’t lose her love of horror or her ability to transform the expected into something so much more.

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