TROMA BLU RAY RELEASE: Divide & Conquer (2021)

Mercedes the Muse (who directed, wrote and produced this, as well as starring as Toxie), Irie Divine (who is Lilith) and Knotty Peach (Athena) are three women rolling through a post-apocalyptic future — well, is Tromaville ever not currently in the midst of the end of everything possible? — and dealing with misogynistic men by dispensing ultraviolence.

“Men Will be Shocked! Women Will Understand!” is a great tagline. And I appreciate the film’s low budget versus high budget look, feel and ethos. I mean, this is a movie where a werewolf goes down on a woman and gets to unleash green jizz on her thigh and that’s probably the least offensive thing in. it.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is me. Because I want to love this movie and I can’t stand Troma and I know, I know, I have to get over it. At some point after the second Toxic Avenger movie, they settled into making movies that were knowingly dumb, as if they were in on the joke instead of making movies that could exist on their own merits. And I get it, I’m the death of fun and I often try not to even mention these kinds of things because I’m a curmudgeon and judgey and I’m making it my goal to not ruin other people’s joy.

So I feel like it’s some kind of growth that I liked this movie. I love the hi def black and white with blasts of color looks, the effects are funny and the story — when it isn’t zooming all over the place like a coked out 80s director trying to be the Dark Brothers, it’s got a decent story. Also, yes, the girls are gorgeous and empowered and that empowerment means that ladies can poop and pee on Aryan supremacists too, thank you very much.

I’d go so far as to say that when Mercedes the Muse makes another movie, I’ll watch it. It takes a lot of talent to get me over Lloyd Kaufman starting a film and you should take that as a supreme compliment.

I promise to try and keep being positive.

The blu ray of this film also includes an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman where he drowns himself, which led to me giving this an extra three stars, as well as a cast and crew commentary, a making of, a featurette on The Three Muses, the LA Premiere Q&A session, footage of the premiere at The Balboa Theatre, trailers and American Cinematheque honoring Troma and I never want non-profits to lose their funding, but that seems like a good reason why.

You can get this from MVD.

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